Non Sport Trading Card Manufacturers

  • Art Box: Harry Potter, 24, Doom, Corpse Bride, Full Metal Alchemist, Universal Monsters, Zatch Bell, Zorro
  • Breygent: Dexter, Warlords of Mars, Vampirella, Project Superpowers, Tudors, Red Sonja, Paranormal Activity, Ghost Whisperer
  • Cult-Stuff: Sherlock Holmes, The War of the Worlds, Titanic, Pulp Detectives, Military Propaganda & Posters, Dixons Vixens
  • Cryptozoic: The Big Bang Theory, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, DC Comics Batman: The Legend, Castle, Fringe, Smallville, The Guild
  • Rittenhouse: Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, James Bond, Conan, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Eureka, Farscape, Highlander, Heroes, Lost, Lost In Space, Spartacus, Twilight Zone, Warehouse 13, Xena
  • Topps: Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, Skylanders, Club Penguin, Monsuno, Moshi Monsters
  • Upper Deck: The Avengers, Thor, Marvel Super Hero Squad, Hello Kitty and more
  • Wizards of the Coast: Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Star Wars Trading Card Game, BattleTech Trading Card Game, Codename: Kids Next Door, Duel Masters Trading Card Game, Dune, Eye of Judgement, Harry Potter Trading Card Game, Hecatomb, Kajudo Trading Card Game, MapleStory Trading Card Game, Netrunner, Star Sisterz, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Xiaolin Showdown Trading Card Game and more

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