Help Your Store

Opening and Operating A Store

You can open a store on Epic Collectors on the account page (link located in the top right of every page) after you sign up. A Paypal account is required, so if you do not yet have one, you should sign up first at After you've set up your Paypal account, choose a catchy name and pay for your subscription with the Paypal account you want to use for your store.

Once you open a store on Epic Collectors, there is little to do before you start selling. Using our intuitive workspace-oriented management system, you can customize how you organize your store and inventory so that your business is a simple or as detailed as you'd like. After you have chosen your first workspace, you can begin adding items to your inventory and they will start appearing in search results. Paypal makes managing payments easy and helps resolve disputes.


You must have a Paypal to open a store on Epic Collectors. Paypal not only securely handles the money transactions, but provides a way to resolve disputes with customers.